I'm quitting Duolingo after 748 days

My Duolingo Stats

It’s been fun, Duo

After dedicating over two years (748 days) to learning Spanish using Duolingo, I’ve decided that I’m done.

While I’ve learned a lot and made good progress, I’m just not feeling it anymore–the excitement has dried up and my motivation has disappeared. Using Duolingo feels more like a chore and paying for Super makes it even more frustrating.

Even though I would complete a Duolingo lesson every day, I was maybe spending 5 minutes working through the lesson, and then would bounce from the app.

It’s a little anxiety inducing to think about walking away from my “streak” in Duolingo after more than two years, but I think this change is exactly what I need.

Switching things up

Absorbing language through video

I have been watching a fair amount of videos on YouTube for language acquisition and have gone back to several channels that I enjoy watching: MexTalki, Spanish Butterfly, Hola Spanish, Spanish Playground, Expañol con Ali, Real Fast Spanish, and Spanishland School.

The amount of free content on these channels is very impressive and I’ve learned a lot from them. They have introduced me to other YouTubers who are not focused on teaching Spanish, but rather are entertainment for native speakers.

I’ve really started to pick up on Spanish phrases, slang, and idioms that wouldn’t be possible to learn in Duolingo.

  • Phrase: Hold your horses! = Aguanta, Aguanta… or Parale a tu tren…
  • Phrase: To be in hot water/get into trouble = Meterse en pedos (Mexico) or Meterse en problemas

Spaced repetition with Anki

When I watch these videos, I am consuming the content AND I am creating Anki cards (flashcards) to help me remember new or key phrases and vocabulary.

I remember one of my former bosses using this application and have started using it myself as a way to learn. The Anki app takes care of the spaced repetition for me with its algorithm. It is a great tool for learning any subject, not just Spanish. I highly recommend using Anki if you want to learn anything.

My goal is to spend 45-60 minutes a day absorbing informaiton from videos and podcasts and using spaced repetition with Anki to improve my Spanish.

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